Monday, June 7, 2010

Sasquatch withdrawl.

Following something so grand, something is bound to go awry. After a great weekend at Sasquatch (please refer to previous post), I have been plagued with some sort of sickness. It started with a raspy throat for excessive singing and yelling, then morphed into a sore throat/cough combo.

Due to my withdrawl from Sasquatch, even with a cold, I was determined to have some semblance of a fun weekend. Besides staying in on Friday night to continue my goal of painting/collaging more often, while also nursing my sore throat (ie. having a 2 hour nap), I managed to have a fun-filled day on Saturday.

My friend Sarah and I met up on Main St. to head to Fab Fair, a local jewlery and bag fair. We checked out some things but really wanted to be out in the sunshine eating a sweet treat. We made out way down to Science World area, got some McDonald's ice cream (high end ogre things) and sat in the grass while being assaulted by extremely small dogs. From there, we walked our way into Gastown to meet Tyler for dinner at Judas Goat. Since we were a smidge early, we wandered the trendy shops...where I found myself a vintage Coach bag! It's so quaint and not monogrammed, which I appreciate the understatedness of. Needless to say, it was a most excellent find (they also had vintage Dooney & Bourke, check out Nouvelle/Nouvelle).

From here, with our purchases in hand, we met Tyler (and some other interesting characters in Blood Alley). We had the most delicious tapas meal at Judas Goat, consisting of things like pork belly, scallop tartare, sable fish, a variety of bruschetta and much more. The staff were delightfully playful and the food was unreal. I would definitely recommend a visit to this new find, but keep in mind its a small place so try to make a reservation. I guess my love of Judas Goat suggests I should try their other restaurants like Salt and Irish Heather. Yum.

Disfigured (sunburnt, due to reading Capital all day at English Bay), Tyler headed back to his abode. Sarah and I made our way back to my Burnaby pad to enjoy the pleasures of hottubbing, scrabble and tea. Wholesome, I know.

Anyways, now I sit, on my couch watching Tyra about pregnant teen girls (uplifting!) taking a sick day to try to finally recover from the beast that was Sasquatch.

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