Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being locked in a room/ Sparkling wine

So it's noon on Sunday and I just woke up. I guess that's what happens when you are up until 3am and everyone around you is still sleeping. I could never sleep in like this at home...but maybe it's still the jetlag catching up with me.

This past week has been full of Swedish, sparkling wine, my first class, and biking. Monday and Tuesday were our last early morning Swedish classes as regular classes started on Wednesday. Swedish is going pretty well, but it's hard to pick up as people from different areas have different dialects almost - Malmo Swedish is much closer to Danish, weird. Our Swedish class is pretty awesome especially because our teacher is amazing. She has brough us candy and told us about good places to shop, eat, and drink. It's great to have a Malmo native on our side. Sadly, our class ends in two days, one of which is an exam.

Pauuuuseeeee I have been beckoned for coffee.

Alright, so we just cleaned up the after math of the party in our building last night. We have this creepy room in our basement that doubles as a party lair - complete with a bar and streamers taped up to spell "AY CARUMBA!". Needless to say, I bet you wish you partied there every second weekend.

Oh so I guess you want to hear about my classes. Well I have only had one so far. It's called "Image Making" and is focused on graphic design, digital photography, and website design. Basically, it is everything I love rolled into one. Also, it's really neat because there are only 4 exchange students in my 40 person class which means I get to meet real Swedes! In fact, me and Ingrid (from Guelph) ate lunch with some Swedish people!! None were named Sven, sadly. Basically the first class, we played pictionary with beautiful Swedes, did some drawing, and longed to be outside as Thursday was the first clear, blue day since I've been here. Anyways, I think this class will be pretty good, especially because by the end I will have an online portfolio (which may help me snag a job come July ;)).

(I can't believe I just did a winky face, ps.)

I start "Sketching and Drawing" on Tuesday, so that should be interesting as well. I will update you on lovely Swedish people and that class soon. The Swedish academic system is slightly strange, mostly in the fact that I have a class that runs for 6 weeks in the middle of the semester. It's called "Globalisation, Culture, and Identity." Just taking it to keep up my academic skills. The syllabus makes it look pretty interesting (and easy!) so that shall be grand.

This Friday I also had my first experience at the System Bolaget aka Swedish BC Liquor Store. All the alcohol is regulated here and can only be bought at this store (unless it's alcohol content is under 3.5%). Wine and beer are fairly cheap compared to Canada but liquor is just as expensive. One thing that was strange was the Veuve Cliquot was waaayyy less expensive. I guess this means I need to find some things to celebrate.

Yesterday, a group of us went for a bike ride to a market and then the sea. The market was pretty scary as there were people yelling at us in Swedish to buy food. But we did find a nice cheese and meat shop (you would love it mom!). Our time by the sea was short lived as it was freezing, so logically, we went shopping, where we could stay warm inside. I bought a nice knitted ear warmer which will be great for biking! Then we had dinner and a little party in our basement.

That brings me to today. We're having a bring a dish party tonight and trying some foods from different countries. What's typically Canadian you ask? I'm bringing cookies. So I've got to get to baking those as well as putting together a project and studying for my Swedish exam.

Some facts:

1. People it Europe find it appropriate to smoke inside. I do not. Ahhh well.
2. Swedish people have the equivalent of "your mom". Highly amusing.
3. Drinking 5 bottles of wine between 3 people is just as bad of an idea in Sweden as it is in Canada.
4. Not having Megabite sucks.
5. More people should skype me.
6. I'm going through "meow" withdrawl. People just don't recieve it in the same way here.
7. Oh and the title. The doors all have locks on the inside to get out. Like you can't just push the door. You have to turn the lock. Panic is induced the first time when you're trying to get out of your room and can't.


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