Sunday, February 13, 2011

Camilla inte bor i Celsiusgarden!

It's that time time!

It's now Sunday night in old Sweden land and I am just about to go whip up some dinner. This past week hasn't been terribly exciting (no weekend trips to London or the like), but hey, I'm in Sweden so that's pretty exciting on it's own.

After returning from London, I had a lot of catch-up to do (like blog posts, homework, cleaning - the fun stuff). So after that was wrapped up on Monday and Tuesday, I had the rest of the week to dabble in some more homework and lounge about to nurse my cold.

Wednesday, Kat, Franz and I went for a bike ride to the sea. It was quite warm out and sunny which was so nice. We went just before sunset so we took some pretty nice pictures and had a photo shoot with our bike family. Every time we go on a bike ride, we discover a bit more of the city. I guess that's the benefit of living, rather than traveling, somewhere. There is still so much more I'd like to see but sometimes you get wrapped up in routine rather than exploring. On my list: Kallbadhus (a cold bath and sauna house, apparently where all the Swedish seniors hang out - score!), the Chocolate Museum & Cafe, various museums, the public library (a miss-mash of old and new architecture), and well there has to be some other things as well. Hopefully one day this week, I swindle someone to go on an exploration bike tour - weather permitting of course. Oh, Wednesday also included a cookie-baking-towel-fight-dance-party-to-fatboyslim. Yeah, be jealous.

Thursday brought the beginning of Swedish round 2. It's cool because now I can actually sort of speak/understand. Emphasis on "actually sort of". Hopefully by the end of it I will make an improvement on that string of modifiers. But hey, if all else fails, I can just claim I don't know as I'm not Swedish.

Another highlight of the week was all you can eat sushi and Chinese food buffet for 89 kr (about $13 CAD). You might be thinking "oh god sushi from a place other than the west coast?!" And if you were, you're right. The sushi was mediocre, but the rest was pretty delicious. Regular types of Chinese food, but as much as you'd like...including pop, tea, coffee, and dessert! Wow! Also the place was really classy looking. You'd think a Chinese food buffet would be kind of seedy. But nope, tranquil music, hostesses in traditional gown, fancy tiles and gold leaf. Really quite the experience. Following this, with many-a-bloated stomach, we went for a leisurely bike ride. In the hail. Joy. But at the end of this bike ride was a delightful second hand store. It's like Value Village, but more organized and way more hidden gems. Though Swedish people seem far more hipster, apparently they don't go for the vintage hipster look, because I have never seen so many un-bought vintage Adidas track jackets.

Friday night, me and a group of German girls and an American girl went to Lund (a small student town about 15 minutes by train away) to see a Swedish band, Movits! Here's a sample: It was a really interesting experience. Everyone. There. Was. Swedish. And Swedes are strange people to run into at a bar. They not only are shy but a titch passive aggressive. They are so hard to talk to so we created a bad ass dance circle until they Swedes switched from passive aggressive to regular-type aggressive. Think mosh pit with the most beautiful people on earth (I don't know how bad that sounds now...ha). Anyways, it was still really fun and the band was awesome even though I had no idea what they were saying until they said tack (thank-you). Oh, and I got to put my bum on so much Swedish. Please see this reference if that statement concerns you: (fast forward to 1:06 if Tom Green isn't your cup of tea). All and all a successful trip!

Saturday consisted of a group dinner for a French girls birthday, homework, and an awkward themed party. Yes, I was just as mystified by this theme as you. But being the classy girls we are, we wore pretty dresses, heels, and mustaches. What's more awkward than a bearded lady? We listened to some stellar awkward tunes (including My Pony by Ginuwine, courtesy me) and it was the first time I've heard ABBA in Sweden. I don't know how it took so long. Anyways, today constituted another sleep-in day. I am beginning to like this trend. Katreace and I then went on a walk got some delicious Swedish pastries that are only available for 4 weeks (sweet bun, marzipan, and fresh cream, yum!) and then headed home.

Next weeks adventures: planning a trip to Budapest and Vienna, hockey game in Gothenberg, and whatever else Sweden throws my way.

Fun fun facts!

1. As mentioned before, Swedes are really passive aggressive. Some guy got a drink spilled on him in Lund and just yelled "TACK!" about 4 thousand times. Effective sir.
2. Swedish pastries are so so so delicious. Even 7-11 is like a gourmet bakery. Staffed by models.
3. The wind has died down, but the cold is so...cold. Yep, I said it. It warmed up for a bit but it is again freezing (well below freezing in fact).
4. I am a sushi snob. That is all.
5. I don't know any more fact this there anything YOU'D like to know? (This is a test if I have any readers, you can leave a comment under a sneaky alias).

Meow. xx

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  1. luv u and your blog. in bath so using one fingy and, hence sparse wordage. keep writing from your vantage ponit - it makes your writing fresher and more vital. requires you to stay in touch with your evolving/shifting vantage poin t... luv u, swee pea!! poppa beario