Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Danger: High Winds

So all else exciting aside (ex. London), riding my bike (now named Stina) today was TREACHEROUS. With a capital 'T'. I woke up this morning and of course, did not want to get out of my bed. I then peaked out of my blinds and noticed it was sunny. This cause me to spring to my feet and celebrate. No rain = waaaay greater options in terms of shoes. Nice. I got decked out in jeans and keds, spent several minutes debating whether my winter jacket was necessary (decided on no and wore leather, oops). Then set out to go to class.

The moment I stepped outside, I immediately regretted all of my fashion choices. It was windy. And not like Vancouver Island windy. Like WIN-dy. My eyes were instantly watering, my hair (which I wore down for the first time in ages) was all over the place, and I was an awkward combination of both sweaty and freezing. It took me about double the time to ride to school and I was actually fearing for my life. The wind was physically moving my bike in different directions. Once I finally made it to school, I came to the realization that my hair, yet again, would be put in a bun. I feel like a 90's revival. Where are the butterfly clips and hair mascara when you need them?

Annnyhow, now that I am home, safe and suffering only from minor windburn, I will update you on the past week.

So as a few of you know, I went to London. The days prior (ex. Monday and Tuesday) were just classes...so I will not go into detail. But Tuesday night after class I made my way to Copenhagen to catch my flight. After being fully patted down by a male security man (thanks Socialism) and walking to the end of the earth (EasyJet section in Terminal 2), I was on my way. I slept for most of the two hour flight and arrived in London Stanstead at 10:30pm. I then caught an EasyBus (big fan of all things easy) and thought I was going to get into a head-on collision as I forgot about the side of the road driving difference. Once in Central London, I was to meet my best friend from Victoria, Katie and her boyfriend Rob at Baker Street Station. My bus was early so I went inside to the ticket bays. After I had waited about 15 minutes after we were supposed to meet, I started frantically texting and calling both Katie and Rob. To no avail, I started to freak out. I walked back and forth from the Tube to the bus drop-off and could not find them anywhere. As the last tube was leaving soon, I went for one last trek and found them. Yessss. Reunited! We returned to Katie and Rob's place in Greenwich and retired for the night.

The next few days were great. They were spent doing the following:
-  Meandering through Greenwich and it's parks
- Wandering Central London - Trafalgar Square, China Town, Covent Garden, St. Paul's Church and Monument
- Consuming delicious cider that is considered not-so-delicious in London
- Going for some stonebaked Pizza
- Seeing Wicked (which was in fact, wicked)
- Meeting with an old friend, Daina for lunch
- Reading in the Park
- Eating cookies and cupcakes
- Watching buskers
- Walking along the Southbank of the Thames
- Exploring the Tate Modern
- Drinking 1 pound beers and eating Aussie meat pies at the Australian Embassy
- Attending various local pubs
- Shopping at Primark
- Checking out London's ghetto (aka Peckham)
- Perusing the 99p store
- Going out for drinks and dancing with the girl (7 pound drinks? I'll have 3)
- Running out on our tab for 3 pound juices as the bartender told us they were cider
- Enjoying the Museums of South Kensignton
- Eating and drinking in Greenwich

That generally sums up the jolly good time I had in London. It was so good to see Katie and Rob both living so cutely in London. London London London. They have some of the cutest little words (ex. proper, manky, cheeky) and the most delicious junk foods (ex. cheese twists, custard creams, majestics). I shall miss it. But will be going back soon as I think I will be flying home from the Queen's land. And well maybe I'll relive it's majesty during the Royal Wedding.

This week so far has been full of homework and class. Luckily, I don't have class until Monday now so I should be able to sleep in and enjoy Swedish life (though I still have a smidge of homework, as I'd rather do more now and get ahead and travel later). Speaking of travelling, I am planning trips to Uppsala, Budapest and Vienna, Stockholm, and Lappland. Oh and I'm planning for when Katie and Rob and my mom and aunt come visit. I guess I am a busy lady.

That being said, I have to change out of my ever-so fashionable sweats (not acceptable in Svenland) as I am going to an open mic night at a bar. No I am not singing. You're welcome world.


1. Risifruitti is hereby known as the best food in the world. It is rice pudding packaged with fruit sauce. In the most Ikea-like container. I love you Sweden.
2. A lady at the airport asked me what time the train came in Swedish. I answered in Swedish. I guess that's how Swedish works.
3. This weekend there is an awkward theme party. Prepared to be blown away Sweden.
4. HOW COULD I FORGET?! Last week in drawing class, we had a live male model. He was nude. No clothes. Naked. Me and Ingrid giggled. For the whole three hours.
5. Swedish grocery stores still confuse me. Who wants to go on a full day excursion to Willy's? Awesome.
6. I think I am going to be blogging for Malmo Hogskola. Keep your eyes out for links, cause I know you think my writing is stellar.

Love love. xx.

Ps. Swedish lessons start again this week. Jaha!

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