Monday, March 21, 2011

Just a Regular Week

These next few weeks are the first I haven't traveled in a while. Though that may sound like a disappointment in my usually action-packed Swedish life, it's actually been pretty nice to keep it local (and catch up/get ahead on homework). That being said,  I don't have a lot to tell you.

This past week I've been working on a paper about hockey, typical, I know. Just finishing that up today and then working on a presentation to spread Canadian culture to the masses. It shall be enlightening for all involved. Besdies that, we started the photography segment of one of my classes, so hopefully this spring weather will keep up and I'll be able to snap some shots outside.

Speaking of Spring weather...yesterday it was like 7 degrees. That's groundbreaking for Sweden! Katreace and I went for a run to enjoy some of the sun on a lovely Sunday afternoon. It seemed like a lot of others had the same idea as the park and path we were on were packed. It's really nice to see so many people out enjoying the city, I honestly never see playgrounds that well used in Canada. Interesting. But I hope to continue exploring Malmo during my time here. My friend Sarah and I go on quests for good looking places to have coffee (or fika), so that shall continue once I emerge from my paper writing mania. Also, if this sun keeps up, I reckon it's time for some more bike tours, maybe even go to the bath house!

This week though basically consists of class and homework as I'm finishing one of my classes this week. Also, Thursday is all day presentations. Hurray. Then this weekend should be low key as Katharina, Katreace, and Franz are away. But one friend from Portugal is leaving (as he was on a shorter term placement) so hopefully we'll find a way to see him on (going away party? I think so!). But I don't want to bore you with my rambling, so I'm off to be a productive citizen rather than gallivanting around Europe.

Less-fun facts

1. Perspective drawing is really hard. Like, I don't think I like drawing anymore hard.
2. Tacos are not a common dish in other countries. Don't worry though, I spread the Mexican fiesta to Sweden last night.
3. It's definitely spring time here as I've seen bunnies (makes me miss Victoria) and pigeons fighting. Yes, that's correct, there were two pigeons in a tree fighting. Badass.
4. Poland is coming up expect updates about perogies and kebasa soon.
5. Stamps are expensive in this country. Like 2 bucks a pop. But that means I can spread the joy of Sweden to Canada, through delightful postcards.


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