Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ABBA var ett band från Sverige.

I'll let you in on a secret, this blog title really has nothing to do with what I'm going to say. Really I was inspired by my blog idol (Sarah) to make random Swedish titles with little to no connection to my content. I think it really adds an element of mystique to my writing. Your thoughts?

But really, ABBA is a band from Sweden and I have a 10 minute presentation on them (with Sarah, actually) in Swedish on Thursday. I should realllly practice that. Words such as "bäst säljande" are not the easiest to say. 

Anyhow, this week was yet another spent in the lovely Malmo. We have had some good weather (read: sunny, but still cold). Warm enough for me to switch from winter gloves to trusty magic mitts. This week I have:

1. Received a package from my loving Father.  Now I can have Canadian beauty in Sweden.
2. Finished a course and a 10 page paper about hockey and identity. And gave a presentation on the same subject. Everyone was enthralled...
3. Went for fika multiple times.
4. Toodled around Swedish suburbs on my bike.
5. Wrote and created a presentation on ABBA, in Swedish. Ja!
6. Went to an old town in Skane (the south of Sweden) called Ystad, and experienced a true European Sunday (aka everything was closed).
7. Made a 20 second film about Swedish Spring. Obviously hillarious.
8. Spent 3 hours drawing a glass bottle. Drawing is fun. Nat.
9. Frolicked in the sun. And avoided killer geese.
10. Caused a scene in Swedish class. As per usual. Met by hilarious laughing courtesy our Swedish teacher.
11. Was reunited with my buds who travelled around Poland and Hungary. Weeee!
12. Baked a kick-ass banana chocolate-chip cake. I'm getting good at this European bakery.
13. Excelled at being awesome.
14. Laughed. A lot.
Ooooh and 15. Started writing my blog for Malmo University (www.blogg.mah.se/emilyross)

And upcoming you may ask? I am shooting a 2 minute film on how to be Swedish tomorrow, so that will be fun. Maybe I can even post it here after I am dooone! Then catching up on homework for the rest of the week as April is a crazy traveling month.  Also, we're planning on (finally) going to a club this weekend and going to the famous bath house. I will be sure to report back ASAP.

Kul fakta:

1. I don't know if I've mentioned this, but Sweden doesn't have chocolate chips or vanilla extract. BAKING ADVENTURES.
2. The sun in Sweden is more deceiving that in Vancouver. You think it will be warm then BAM the wind gets you.
3. Geese are evil all over the world.
4. I found the hipster area of Malmo. Watch out Vancouver hipsters, you have some rivals.
5. I wish all the Greenest City people would come to Malmo and see what a truly green city is like. You've got some stiff competition.
6. Don't go to small towns on Sundays. Or before June. It will end in disappointment or insanity.

Ta. xx

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