Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Week Emily Fell off the Face of the Earth

PSYCHE. I didn't actually, but it's been a while since I've been around here. I blame it on the fact that I have not been updating my blog on Sundays, as per usual, therefore everything gets thrown off. Also, April is probably my craziest month here...trips...homework...and the like.

Anyhow, what have I been up to since the end of March? Well homework, enjoying the sun, praising the beginning of bbq season, laying in the grass, etc. etc. Some random baking, skyping, and partying has also been thrown into that mix.

Now I'm sitting on my bed on Sunday morning with the Swedish sun streaming through my window thinking of all the work I have to do today before I head to Budapest and Vienna on Thursday (with a couple of assignments and a test between now and then). But of course, I made the time to update all you lovely people (read: approximately 4 people).

The big news this week? I went to Poland for three days! Ingrid and I headed to Warsaw on Tuesday after class and flew with the sketchiest airline of all time: Wizzair. I swear my seat pocket was held together with gum and the arm rests were glued on. Barring that, we arrived safely at the Chopin Airport and made our way into the city. We gladly paid approximately 70 cents for the bus (about 30 minutes) and rejoiced with our introduction to this cheap, cheap city. Thanks Eastern Europe! After finding our hostel (full of middle-aged men), we went to the old town to find pierogi of course!

Ingrid and I each had 10 dumplings, an appy, a beer, and dessert. It came to about 28 dollars. If that isn't a steal, I don't know what is. We followed dinner by meandering through the streets of old town and decided to call it a night. We headed back to our dorm and we greeted by the sound of a snoring symphony. Hurrah.

The next day, we started out to a museum, the Warsaw Uprising Museum a little out of the city centre. It was really cool (and educational of course), but the best part was the 3D film of what the city looked like during the war. And by best, I mean probably most depressing, but really interesting. And we got to wear really cool glasses. Nice. We then got lost roaming the streets but bought delicious treats to console ourselves. The old town once again beckoned us for some lunch and shopping. We bought some polish handi-crafts and amber jewlery (which is really cheap - $30 for a sterling silver ring, woo!). At lunch, we realized we were too polite for Poland as we didn't beckon the waiter for the bill. This wasted about 20 minutes, but we really got to experience the...culture? Sure. After, we walked back to the centre and went to the Palace of Culture and Science to go up to the roof top terrace for a view of the city. The complicated part? This building has about 45 entrances all for different things. After trying about four and having English signs tapped for us, we found our way and coughed up the largest sum of our trip - $5. We took some pictures of the city and went on satisfied. Out into the rain, blah. To lift our spirits, we again got some treats and went shopping. Haha. After this brief stint of retail therapy, we walked to a big round about with a fake palm tree in the middle and a monument of Charles de Gaulle. Strange, I know. We then wandered to find a place to dinner where we again learned quickly we were too polite and also had to take a stab at whether a circle or triangle represented the women's bathroom (surprise, it was the circle). On our way home we bought some Krupnik (Polish Honey Liquor) and decided to start our night. We hung out with people at our hostel til the wee hours of the morning and consumed liquid honey alcoholic deliciousness. Fortunately, this consumption of alcohol allowed up to sleep through the snoring.

The next morning we met up with some people from the night before and headed to a very Polish establishment, McDonalds, for breakfast. The language barrier really came into play here when I was trying to order a McCroissant and hashbrown patty. There was a lot of jumping and pointing involved, but I got what I ordered about 20 minutes after the Playboy earringed cashier rung through my order. We gobbled down our food and then headed to Lazienki Park. We tried to pay for the bus there, but couldn't figure out the system...apparently the ticket checkers couldn't either as they boarded the bus and didn't bother to check anyone's tickets. Oh Poland. We wandered through the park stalking peacocks and strange squirrels, saw the sites and enjoyed some inner-city greenery. After our stint here, we headed back into the city as I needed to catch a bus to the airport. We grabbed some lunch, did some sketches and got distracted by H&M on the way to the bus. I made it on time, don't worry, but was intimidated by all the airport workers wearing camo pants and combat boots. I picked up some duty-free liquor and was on my way home. Warsaw was pretty cool, a lot of history (they basically rebuilt the entire city) neat buildings etc. Something that was not neat? The language. So confusing. A 'y' is basically equivalent of an 's'. Strange.

Oooh also, last weekend we went to the bath house. It was pretty cool. We hung out with a lot of old sweaty Swedish ladies but got to sweat it up in the sauna and jump into the Baltic Sea. Naked. Ow ow! Katreace, Katharina, Alyce, Elise, and Lauren all had a fabbity weekend together. We also had our first experience at a Swedish club. This basically consisted of all us exchange students going out and having the equivalent of one of our parties at the club. Amazing.

Anyways, I'm off to start my productive day and I will talk to y'all when I'm back from my travels to greet my lovely mother and aunt! Cannot wait!

It's that time again...
1. In Poland, they only eat meat and starch. And cabbage. Whatever that is qualified as.
2. We are all fiending for summer so bad. We had a bbq last night and stayed outside as long as possible even though we were shrouded in blankets.
3. Voting while overseas is extremely complicated. My recommendation to the government you ask? Online voting! Yay.
4. Alcohol is so so cheap in Poland. A 750ml bottle of Vodka is about $5. For the good stuff.
5. Happy Birthday Sophie!!!
6. It's pretty funny when you're going into the bathhouse and someone you're with yells that "It's stupid!" that we can't wear bathing suits. Especially when the employees response is "No it's not." Haha.


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