Sunday, May 8, 2011

Det snurrar i min skalle

BORING WEEK. Well not really, but nothing super awesome like having my mom visit.

This week consisted mainly of homework and being lazy. Which was a great way to switch things up. It's really nice to have some down time and just hang out with people here. Oh Kat and Patricia and I also went shopping which was nice. We had some good family dinners, I ate a thousand crepes, hung out in the sun, etc.

I actually have nothing to write about. Well yesterday, a group of us went to the beach and hung out. The idea was good, but the wind was not. We still toughed it out and ate our snacks and drank our dranks basking in the loveliness of the sea. Then, we ventured to Mollan to find Malmos (apparently best) falafel. Of course I opted for the meat choice (Kebab). We ate it up and then set out on our bikes back home. We then played Mario Kart, and by we I mean not me as I fell asleep on the couch. I think last night was the first time I went to bed before midnight in a long time. Amazing.

Today, I awoke nice and early to go on a road trip up the east coast of Sweden. I set out in a car full of Germans to some techno music. Good way to start a Sunday, I'd say. Our first stop was a really nice rocky cliff-y area with tress and HILLS (surprising as Sweden doesn't have many of those). We gallivanted and had a picnic before exploring a bit. Thank goodness it was a lovely day. We then moved onto Molle to a sandy beach. We all hunkered down for a bit of a nap then a cartwheel contest. Weee. Lastly, we made our way to Helsinborg to find ice cream. We ate it by the sea overlooked by Europe's flags. Classy.

Now I'm back home in my bed getting ready to embark on some work. Boo. Oh and Happy Mother's Day by the way :)

Meow. Facts!
1. This is the shortest blog I've ever written. You are welcome.
2. Gelato in Malmo at Italia is better than anywhere else. Period.
3. Weigh in on this debate: Ben and Jerry's vs. Haagen-Daz. Go!
4. Who thought I would need to buy shorts in Sweden? Not I. Foiled.


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