Sunday, May 22, 2011

Living an ordinary (Swedish) life - pt. 2

Yet another ordinary week. Winding down with classes (only 1 left!! and then critiques), and I will be done everything but my final project by Wednesday. Weeee! On Thursday, Katharina, Katreace and I are supposed to be off to Iceland, but apparently the rapture did come and caused another volcano to erupt. Bigger than last we will see how that pans out.

The week's happenings:
- Class x 2
- Paul's Birthday Celebration x 1
- Breakfast and gym with Katreace x 2
- Errands x 1
- Addiction to "Border Security" and "Banged up Abroad" x a million
- Girl's cocktail night followed by Max Burger x 1
- Crazy party (last night with everyone here) x death
- Lazy day in bed x now

Essentially that is what I've been up to. That and really thinking about coming home (as it's very soon) which is weird. I'm going to have to pack up my life in the next few weeks and come back to another one. It will definitely be sad. It will definitely be exciting. And it will definitely be part of the experience. I won't get too sappy now, but it's hard to know that this life will be over and never the same again, but I will always have time to look back on it anddddd couches to surf all over the world. Weeee.

1. When your bike gets a flat tire 2 weeks before you leave, it's really sad. Poor Stina.
2. Apparently Sweden is trying to ease me back into Vancouver weather as it's pouring rain here today. I oddly appreciate it.
3. Canucks are playing tonight at a time I can actually watch! Yeehaw.
4. Swedes worship the sun. Yesterday it was about 18 degrees and the parks were littered with scantily clad people. I guess they'll take what they can get as it's a rainpocalypse today. Smart Swedes.


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